Sobhy Ahmed Soliman

Name: Sobhy Ahmed Soliman
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Institution / University: Dhofar University
Country of your Institution / Work: Oman
Field / Major / Research Interest: Curricula and methods of teaching education technology
Sobhy has taught Education Technology and education courses in a career spanning 15 years in higher education (Menoufia University, Egypt). He contributed to publications in the areas of educational research, Education Technology, teacher professional development and continue to research by working with school teachers in Oman in building capacity among teachers.
He contributed to Development of the Curriculum at the Ministry of Manpower at Sultanate of Oman through the institutes and also worked as a Head of training in Technology Development Center at Ministry of Education in Egypt.
He worked as Assistant Professor in Education Department, College of Arts and Applied Sciences CAAS, Dhofar University, Sultanate Oman for a long time as a part time assistant professor. In 2015 he became a fulltime assistant professor in Dhofar University.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation: Course proposal in Instructional technology for special needs of students in the department of Educational technology