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Institution / University: Middle East College
Country of your Institution / Work: Oman
Field / Major / Research Interest: English as a Foreign Language
Mr. Samir MOHAND CHERIF is a senior lecturer. He earned my (B.A. Ed) and Master’s degree (M.A) in English for Specific Purposes at University of Abdurrahman Mira, Bejaia, Algeria. He received his University of Cambridge ESOL CELTA certificate in 2014, completed at International House Muscat/Polyglot Institute. He also received his PG Certificate from Coventry University.
Before joining Middle East College in 2012, he started his career as a teacher of English at the University of Bejaia in both the English and Economics departments then moved to NAFTOGAZ (The National Petroleum Company). He has both business and academic communication skills. He is currently teaching General Foundation Program and undergraduate courses in the Centre for Foundation Department in Middle East College, Oman. His purpose is to devote his career to enhance both the students’ experience and the ability to arouse their interest in the subject matter.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation: Harnessing New Technology: Socrative: A solution to engage and inspire writing students