Saif Alabaeeji

Name:  Saif Alabaeeji
Institution / University: National Chengchi University
Country of your Institution / Work: Taiwan
Email: Contact us
Field / Major / Research Interest: Linguistics
Dr. Saif Alabaeeji holds a PhD degree in linguistics. He is currently teaching Arabic as a foreign language at the department of Arabic language and culture at National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan. He taught Arabic in a number of academic institutions in the United States, including at the Defense language Institute Foreign Language Center, University of North Georgia and Portland State University. Dr. Alabaeeji’s research interests include Arabic & English morphology, syntax and semantics.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation: Aspects of Grammatical Agreement in Iraqi Arabic
Name of Adviser: Prof. Ramesh Chand Sharma & Prof. Pradeep Kumar Das