ASELS provides space for all members to publish a personal profile. This option aims to be brief but comprehensive. It might assist with promoting professional networks and links in and across various areas of English Language Studies in the Arab context.

ASELS is open to all nationalities who are working in Arab countries or abroad and whose work relates to the Arab context of English Language Studies regardless of religion, race, belief, and background.

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  • Mokhtaria Rahmani

    NaProfileme: Mokhtaria Rahmani
    Institution: Dr Moulay Tahar University Saida
    Country: Algeria
    Email: Contact us
    Specialty: African civilisation, British civilisation, American civilisation, didactics, educational psychology,
    A university researcher member of a laboratory pertinent to literature and translation; participated in a great number ...

  • Yusra Mohammed Salman

    NaProfileme: Yusra Mohammed Salman
    Institution: Cihan University
    Country: Iraq
    Email: Contact us
    Specialty: Applied Linguistics and Translation
    I have a master degree in Applied Linguistics from the Academy of Post Graduate Studies /College of Languages/Department of English in Libya -Tripoli/2003.

  • Dima Yousef

    NamProfilee: Dima Yousef
    Institution: Canadian University Dubai
    Country: United Arab Emirates
    Email:Contact us
    Specialty: ESL, writing instruction, teacher development, curriculum design, educational technology
    hold a Master degree in English Literary Research from the University of Leicester, UK, and a Bachelor ...

  • Fadil Elmenfi

    NaFadil Elmenfime: Fadil Elmenfi
    Institution: Omar Al-Mukhtar University / Faculty of Arts and Sciences / English Department Country: Libya
    Email: Contact us
    Specialty: Translation and Linguistics, Ethical issues in Translation, Translation for children, Literary translation,  Orientalism and Translation
    Dr. ...

  • Alya Khulaif Alshammari

    NaProfileme: Alya Khulaif Alshammari
    Institution:  Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University/ Monash University
    Country: Saudi Arabia
    Email: Contact us
    Specialty: English translation/ applied linguistics/ English teaching/ the dichotomy between native and non-native English speaking teachers/English as an International Language (EIL)/English language diversity/ the ...

  • Mohamed BELAMGHARI

    NMohamed BELAMGHARIame: Mohamed BELAMGHARI
    Institution: University Mohamed I
    Country: Morocco
    Email: Contact us
    Specialty:Critical Theory –     Moroccan Literature – Culture & Civilization –Cultural Sociology – Colonial and Post-colonial Studies
    Mohamed BELAMGHARI is a Moroccan English high school teacher. He has obtained ...

  • Abdulsamad Yahya Humaidan

    NaProfileme: Abdulsamad Yahya Humaidan
    Institution:S outhern Illinois University Carbondale
    Country: United States
    Email: Contact us
    Specialty: TESOL – Literacy – CALL – Teaching Vocabulary – Teaching Reading – Teacher Development
    Abdulsamad Yahya Humaidan
    PhD Student & Graduate research Assistant

  • Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek

    NaDr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiekme: Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek
    Institution: Shaqra University – KSA
    Country: Saudi Arabia
    Email:Contact us
    Specialty: Applied Linguistics-Language Assessment-
    I  got a BA in English with (MERIT) from Khartoum University in 1982, an MA in Translation from the ...

  • Gianluca Sorrentino

    NaProfileme: Gianluca Sorrentino
    Institution: Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione “IULM”
    Country:I taly
    Email:Contact us
    Specialty: Translation and Interpreting out and into English; Japanese Literature; German Literature
    Gianluca Sorrentino is a Lecturer on contract at Free University of Languages and ...

  • Hamza khaled Al Hertani

    NaProfileme: Hamza khaled Al Hertani
    Institution: Islamic University
    Country: Palestine
    Email:Contact us
    Specialty: Translation and teaching
    Ongoing master degree in Translation