ASELS provides space for all members to publish a personal profile. This option aims to be brief but comprehensive. It might assist with promoting professional networks and links in and across various areas of English Language Studies in the Arab context.

ASELS is open to all nationalities who are working in Arab countries or abroad and whose work relates to the Arab context of English Language Studies regardless of religion, race, belief, and background.

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  • Taha Ahmed Hasan

    NTaha Ahmed Hasaname: Taha Ahmed Hasan
    Institution: Taiz University
    Country: Yemen
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Applied Linguistics, ELT, Discourse Markers, Learning style, Learning strategies, communication strategies
    Assistant Professor of English.
    Chairman of English Department,
    Ex-Director of Practicum ...

  • Yahya Benkhedda

    NaYahya Benkheddame: Yahya Benkhedda
    Institution: Chouaib Doukkali University
    Country: Morocco
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Contrastive Rhetoric, EAP, Translation Studies, Critical Discourse Analysis
    Masters in Speech Sciences from Leeds University. Doctorate in Applied Linguistics under Fulbright joint-supervision from ...

  • Younes ZHIRI

    NProfileame: Younes ZHIRI
    Institution: Faculty of letters and Human Sciences, Ibn Tofail University
    Country: Morocco
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Theoretical linguistics, Applied linguistics, TEFL,Sociolinguistics, and Translation
    Younes ZHIRI is a teacher of English at high school. ZHIRI ...

  • Zoubir DENDANE

    NaZoubir DENDANEme: Zoubir DENDANE
    Institution: English Department – Tlemcen University
    Country: Algeria
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Sociolinguistics, Arabic linguistics, Phonology
    Mr Zoubir Dendane is a senior lecturer at the Dept of English (Tlemcen University); he teaches Sociolinguistics, ...

  • Adrian Garba Hoar

    NaProfileme: Adrian Garba Hoar
    Institution: A’Sharqiya University (Ibra)
    Country: Oman
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:3rd level English language
    Nationality: Irish
    Age” 50
    I have been teaching in Oman for 3 years, mostly at the above but also ...

  • Ahmed Ismail

    NProfileame: Ahmed Ismail
    Institution: Pearson
    Country: Egypt
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Education
    BA English Literature
    10 years teaching experience
    Country Director Pearson Education

  • Ashraf Atta M. S. Salem

    NamProfilee: Dr Ashraf Atta M. S. Salem
    Institution: College of Business Administration, Sadat Academy for management Sciences
    Country: Egypt
    Email:Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Applied Linguistics
    Dr Ashraf Salem is an author, reviewer and an editorial board member in ...

  • Asmae Zahaf

    NProfileame: Asmae Zahaf
    Institution: Department of English – DLU – SBA
    Country: Algeria
    Email:Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Globalisation and the Fututre of Languages, Language Planning and Education, Language Policy, English Phonetics, Oral Expression and Comprehension, English Grammar, Research Methodology

  • Ghenim Neema

    Ghenim NeemaName: Ghenim Neema
    Institution: Université d’Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed
    Country: Algeria
    Email: Contact Us

    Field / Major / Research Interest: Comparative Literature, Analysis of Literary and Historical Texts, Teaching Methods, Sociolinguistics and literary theory

    I am currently a lecturer of English Literature ...

  • Gulnaz fatima

    NProfileame: Gulnaz fatima
    Institution: Jazan University
    Country of your institution: Saudi Arabia
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:English literature
    i. Fatma, Gulnaz “Thematic concerns in the Short- Stories of Ruskin Bond”
    Modern History Press, Ann Arbor, USA, 2013 ...