ASELS provides space for all members to publish a personal profile. This option aims to be brief but comprehensive. It might assist with promoting professional networks and links in and across various areas of English Language Studies in the Arab context.

ASELS is open to all nationalities who are working in Arab countries or abroad and whose work relates to the Arab context of English Language Studies regardless of religion, race, belief, and background.

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  • Christo Moskovsky

    NChristo Moskovskyame:  Christo Moskovsky
    Institution: The University of Newcastle
    Country: Australia
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:second language acquisition
    Dr. Christo Moskovsky is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle, Australia, where he has been involved in ...

  • Colleen Green

    NaProfileme: Colleen Green
    Institution: ESG-SA
    Country: Saudi Arabia
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:ESL, Culture, Identity
    Have been teaching ESL for 10 years

  • Hussein Walid Hussein Alkhawaja

    NHussein Walid Hussein Alkhawajaame: Hussein Walid Hussein Alkhawaja
    Institution: Universiti Putra Malaysia
    Country: Jordan
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Applied Linguistics / Applied Comparative Linguistics / Discourse Analysis / Reading Comprehension / ESP Studies / Semantics / Intercultural Studies ...

  • Laala Youcef

    NaProfileme: Laala Youcef
    Institution: University Of Mohamed Khider Biskra
    Country: Algeria
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:teachers’ beliefs/ teachers’ education/grammar instruction
    EXPEIRENCE: 04 years
    Title of Thesis / Dissertation: EXPLORING GRAMMAR ...

  • Laila Zahir Al Salmi

    NProfileame: Laila Zahir Al Salmi
    Institution: Colleges of Applied Sciences
    Country: Oman
    Email:Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Literacy/biliteracy, digital biliteracy, funds of knowledge, language acquisition
    Assistant professor at the colleges of applied sciences in Oman. Currently teaching research courses ...

  • Maysaa Husam Jaber

    NaDr. Maysaa Husam Jaberme; Dr. Maysaa Husam Jaber
    Institution: University of Baghdad
    Country: Iraq
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:English literaure, crime fiction, gender studies, the femme fatale
    Maysaa Jaber recently completed a PhD in English and American ...

  • Mohammed Assiri

    NProfileame: Dr. Mohammed Assiri
    Institution: English Language Center, Institute of Public Administration
    Country: Saudi Arabia
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:English, Language testing and assessment, TOEFL, computer-assisted language learning and testing, theoritical and applied linguistics
    An assistant professor ...

  • Mustafa Mubarak Pathan

    NMustafa Mubarak Pathaname: Mustafa Mubarak Pathan
    Institution: Department of English Language & Translation Studies, University of Sebha, Sebha
    Country: Libya
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:TEFL, Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Psycholinguistics, Pragmatics, Stylistics
    I am a researcher and ...

  • Saleh Khalfan Issa Al-Rahbi

    NaProfileme: Saleh Khalfan Issa Al-Rahbi
    Institution: College of Applied Sciences, Nizwa
    Country: Oman
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:TESOL/ CALL
    I am an English Language lecturer in the College of Applied Sciences, Nizwa since 2008. I Coordinated the ...

  • Stephen H. Franke

    NProfileame: Stephen H. Franke
    Institution: CSU Long Beach
    Country: United States
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:SLA, TOEFL (EAP, EPP, and ESP)
    Advisor, Educator, Teacher, Researcher (Arabic dialectology, code-switching, Arabization of foreign concepts, terms and expressions, communicative acts), ...