ASELS provides space for all members to publish a personal profile. This option aims to be brief but comprehensive. It might assist with promoting professional networks and links in and across various areas of English Language Studies in the Arab context.

ASELS is open to all nationalities who are working in Arab countries or abroad and whose work relates to the Arab context of English Language Studies regardless of religion, race, belief, and background.

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  • Mouad Mohammed Ali Al-Natour

    NaProfileme: Mouad Mohammed Ali Al-Natour
    Institution: UKM
    Country: Jordan
    Email:Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Linguistics-Sociolinguistics/(im)politeness
    I am a PhD candidate at the National University of Malaysia. my nationality is jordanian. I am interested to contact the academician who has ...

  • Afnan Linjawi

    NAfnan Linjawiame: Afnan Linjawi
    Institution: Effat University
    Country: Saudi Arabia
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Translation, Linguistics, Languages, Theater, Literature
    I am an English-Arabic and Arabic-English translator. I just completed my Bachelor’s degree in Translation Studies and now ...

  • Amina Ghoul

    NProfileame: Amina Ghoul
    Institution: École Normale Superieur Constantine
    Country: Algeria
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:pragmatics
    teacher of english in the secondary school
    magister student in “Academic Advanced and Literary Studies” option Applied Linguistics at the ENS Constantine ...

  • Ali Abdallah Altayeb Altaaishy

    NamProfilee: Ali Abdallah Altayeb Altaaishy
    Institution: Sudan International University
    Country: Sudan
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:english instructor- syllabus ndesing – ELT – LINGUISTICS-
    I am the head of the English languague department at Sudan international university – ...

  • Arnel Genzola

    NaArnel Genzolame: Arnel Genzola
    Institution: Jilin University-Lambton College
    Country: Philippines
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:CALL, SLA, EFL Pedagogy, Linguictic Competence, Foreign Language Communication Apprehension
    He is a licensed teacher from the Philippines and holds a degree in ...


    Institution: Mohammed 5 University,Rabat, Morocco
    Country: Morocco
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:
    political discourse,Translation studies,Literature,pragmatics ,politics
    -Member of the Moroccan writersunion.
    – Currently a Phd candidate conducting research on political discourse ...

  • Nabil Belmekki

    NaNabil Belmekkime: Nabil Belmekki
    Institution: School of Arts & Humanities Sais-Fes, University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah
    Country: Morocco
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Critical Discourse Analysis, semiotics and language education
    Nabil Belmekki is a PhD student on Discourse ...

  • Jamal A. Khlifat

    NaProfileme: Jamal A. Khlifat
    Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder
    Country: United States
    Email:Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Linguistics: forensic linguistics, phonetics, phonology, documentation of the world’s endangered languages, pharyngealization and gemination in Levantine Arabic, syntax, and lexical semantics
    I ...

  • Amal Ayoub

    NProfileame: Amal Ayoub
    Institution: Faculty of Arts- Helwan University
    Country: Egypt
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:Translation and linguistics
    I am an assistant professor at the English department- faculty of arts. I am interested in teaching translation courses ...

  • Amber Rollins

    NAmber Rollinsame: Amber Rollins
    Institution: Texas Wesleyan University
    Country: United States
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest:EFL Adult Language Acquisition
    MA, TESOL – University of Texas at Arlington, USA
    Research into adult language acquisition, cognitive neuroscience, Asian EFL ...