ASELS provides space for all members to publish a personal profile. This option aims to be brief but comprehensive. It might assist with promoting professional networks and links in and across various areas of English Language Studies in the Arab context.

ASELS is open to all nationalities who are working in Arab countries or abroad and whose work relates to the Arab context of English Language Studies regardless of religion, race, belief, and background.

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  • Ali R. Al-Hassnawi

    ProfileName: Ali R. Al-Hassnawi
    Institution: University of Buraimi/ Centre of Foundation Studies
    Country: Oman
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major/ Research Interest: Linguistics&Translation
    Holder of PhD in Linguistics & Translation
    Holder of Post-Doc in Translation Studies
    Assoc. Prof and ...

  • Ali Said Mohamed Al-Issa

    Ali Said Mohamed Al-IssaName: Ali Said Mohamed Al-Issa
    Institution: Sultan Qaboos University
    Country: Oman
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest: TESOL
    Ali Al-Issa has a Ph.D. from University of Queensland in Australia and a Master of Arts in Education ...

  • Adil Azhar

    ProfileName: Adil Azhar
    Institution: EMSI-Rabat
    Country: Morocco
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest: Second Language Acquisition, Curriculum Development, Research Methodology, Communication Theory, and Cultural Theory
    Adil Azhar has received his doctorate in Intercultural ...

  • Ahmed Faisal Khaleel

    ProfileName: Ahmed Faisal Khaleel
    Institution: University of York (UK)
    Country: Iraq
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest: comparative literature
    PhD student in modern English comparative literature (UNiversity of York)
    Arabic language & literature tutor in the LFA ...

  • Ahmad Jan

    ProfileName: Ahmad Jan
    Institution: King Abdulaziz University
    Country: Pakistan
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest: Edu. Technology, Motivation, Blended learning
    I am a professional English language teacher with MA in English(linguistics) , Cambridge TKT and CELTA. ...

  • Amna Mohamed Bedri

    amna mohammadName: Amna Mohamed Bedri
    Institution: Ahfad University for Women
    Country: Sudan
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest: English language teaching, psycholinguistics, research in ELT and language acquisition, syllabus design
    Dr. Amna Mohammed Bedri Associate Professor, ...

  • Bel Abbes Neddar

    Bel Abbes NeddarName: Bel Abbes Neddar
    Institution: University of Mostaganem (UMAB)
    Country: Algeria
    Email:Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest: Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics, ELF, SLA
    Profile :
    Bel Abbes Neddar is an associate professor in Applied ...

  • Bert Gamiao

    ProfileName: Bert Gamiao
    Institution: Northwestern University
    Country: Philippines
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest: Language education and linguistics
    Currently the dean of CAS of Northwestern Universiy, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. He is a national and international paper presenter.

  • Enas Elmansuri

    ProfileName: Enas Elmansuri
    Institution: Bristol university
    Country: United Kingdom
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest: english language teaching and assessment
    PhD student at Bristol university

  • Firdaouss Boutaba

    ProfileName: Firdaouss Boutaba
    Institution: Université mohamed 1er Oujda
    Country: Morocco
    Email: Contact us
    Field / Major / Research Interest: politics, media, language and literature
    My name is Firdaouss and i’m an English student.