Nawar Hussein Rdhaiwi

Name: Nawar Hussein Rdhaiwi
Institution / University: Baghdad University/ College of Languages
Country: Iraq
Email: Contact us
Field & Research Interest: English Language and Linguistics


  • MA in Linguistics & the English Language/ Baghdad University/ College of Education Ibn –Rushd/ Iraq 1999.
  • General Specialization: the English Language & Linguistics.
  • Specific Specialization: Applied linguistics and Contrastive Studies.
  • BA in the English language/ Baghdad University/ College of Education Ibn –Rushd/Iraq 1992.
  • Diploma in teaching primary schools.

Courses Taught:

  • An online course of curriculum revision at Georgia State University as part of the linkage with Baghdad University/ Iraq 12/2012 to 3/2013
  • An online workshop on applying to PhD program in the USA 8/1/2013 up to 10/1/2013.
  • A Microsoft & Excel computer course in the University of Karbella’a/ Iraq 7/4/2009 to 7/15/2009.
  • A methodology course (methods of teaching English to EFL college Students) /Babylon University/ Iraq 8/16/2009 to 9/16/2009.

Work History:

  • A lecturer – Baghdad University / College of Languages- English Department 2015 up to now.
  • A Lecturer-Baghdad University / College of Education Ibn-Rushd/Iraq in the English department October 2011-July /2014.
  • Assistant Lecturer-Babylon University/ College of Education /Iraq/the English department from January 2007 -2011.
  • Assistant Lecturer- Baghdad University / College of Education Ibn-Rushd in the English department from December 2005 up to January 2007.
  • Assistant teacher (contract) Karbala University 11/2003- 5/2004. Assistant teacher (contract of two years) in The University of Applied & Social Sciences in Yemen/Sana’a 2001-2003
  • Dean of the College of Human Sciences in the University of Applied &Social Sciences in Yemen/Sana’a 4/2003.
  • Teacher of English in many institutes of the English language learning 1999-2001 in Jordan- Amman.
  • Translator in the International Company in Jordan- Amman 1999-2001.
  • Teacher & instructor in The Institute of Languages & Translation / Al-Mustansirya 1997-1998.
  • Instructor in Baghdad University/College of Education Ibn-Rushd in the English department 1993-1999
  • Instructor (contract) in Baghdad University / College of Languages 1992-1993. 

Continuing Education Conferences and Workshops

  1. TESOL Arabia in March 2014 in Dubai- UAE as a presenter of the paper (Discourse Markers in EFL College Students’ Writing).
  2. A Two-Week teacher training workshop as part of the Iraqi Linkages Program (July, 12-30 2013) at GSU–USA. Workshop leaders: Language Teaching /Applied Linguistics: John Bunting, Debra Snell & Alison Camacho.
  3. Syllabus Revision and Faculty Mentoring Project-Fall 2012 (Online workshop 28 0ctober 2012- 15 January 2013). Workshop leader: Louise Gobron/ Department of Applied Linguistics/ESL at Georgia State University
  4. IREX workshop: Best Practices in Publishing Research in Dec. 4, 2012. Lecturer: Dr. Randy Malamud.
  5. The First Scientific Conference held at Babylon University- College of Education / Safiy Al-Deen Al-Hilli/Iraq in 26-27 April 2010.
  • A member of the Iraqi Translators’ Association

Titles of Publications:

  1. The Use of Tautology in “The Thorn” by William Wordsworth: A Stylistic Study.
  2. A Pragmatic Analysis of a Selected Presidential Funeral Eulogy
  3. A Syntactic & Semantic Study of Binomial Expressions in English & Arabic Legal Texts.
  4. Interjections in English & Arabic: A Contrastive Study.

A Contrastive Study of Basic Sentence Patterns in English