Meriem Othmane

Name:  Meriem Othmane
Institution / University: Tlemcen
Country of your Institution / Work:  Algeria
Email:  Contact us
Field / Major / Research Interest: Didactics and assessment
Mss. OTHMANE Meriem graduated from the University of Biskra (in 2015) in Science of Language. After she had taught English for a year in middle school , she joined the University of Tlemcen in 2016 .Mss .Meriem is a second year Doctoral student at University of Tlemcen , her main interest is Didactics and Assessment.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation:  An attempt to investigate the effectiveness of using the Multimodality approach to assess EFL Learners Communicative Competence
Name of Adviser: Dr. Naima Boyakoub
Titles of Publications: New assessment for new educational outcomes: from pencil and paper assessment to screen assessment