Leila Kara Mostefa-Boussena

NaLeila Kara Mostefa-Boussename: Leila Kara Mostefa-Boussena
Institution: Hassiba Ben Bouali University of Chlef
Country: Algeria
Email: contact us
Field / Major / Research Interest:Applied linguistics, Information and CommunicationTechnologies, Project BasedApproach, Discourse Analysis, ESP, FOS, Scientific Translation, E-Learning
professor of English, specialised in didactics of foreign languages and literature at the department of English. Responsible for carrying out teaching and research duties. Involved in the administration of degree and postgraduate courses as well as responsible for organizing lectures and supervising seminars and tutorials. Hold a doctorate ES-Science in didactics and literature. Experience in the departmental administrative tasks. Head of the department of English from 2003 till 2009. Head of the centre of foreign language teaching from 2009 till now. Experience in teaching ESP,TOFEL and ELT and Preparing students for TOFEL and ELT tests. Experience in teaching French and prepare student for the DALF/DELF/TCF certification.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation: Enhancing Reading and Writing of EFL Learners Through Literature and the New Technologies: The case of UHBC Department of English
Adviser: Pr. Abbes Bahos
Title of Publication: Boussena/ Kara Mostefa, L. (2012), ‘Exploring New Ways for Reading and Writing’, in IMAGO: Interculturalité et Didactique: Edition Dar ElQods b. Boussena/ Kara Mostefa, L. (2010), ‘Développer un Savoir Faire CollaboratiF Durable Médiatisé par les TICS : Le Challenge’ in Revue Académique Des Etudes Sociales et Humaines : Chlef, 2010, 9-12Boussena/ Kara Mostefa, L. (20013), De la lisibilité de l’évaluation vers la fiabilité du diplôme : Acte du colloque international : Démarche qualité dans l’enseignement supérieur : Evaluation des formations, des enseignements et des institutions : Fés, 12-15 Novembre 2013,