Name:  Farikah
Institution / University: Universitas Tidar /Tidar University, Indonesia
Country of your Institution / Work:  Indonesia
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Field / Major / Research Interest:  Research in Language Teaching
Farikah is working in Tidar University, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia, completed her Bachelor program in English Education Department at IKIP Yogyakarta in 1999, completed her Master of English Education Department in 2006, doctoral program in 2014 at Semarang State University. She has been a lecturer at the English Education Department, Tidar University, Magelang Central Java, Indonesia since 2000. Her research interests are focused on English Language Education.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation:       Using Thematic Progression Patterns With Cooperative Learning Method To Improve The Writing Skill Of The English Department Students Of Utm In The Academic Year 2011/2012
Titles of Publications:  The Effectiveness of Thematic Progression Patterns with Jingle Button Technique in Teaching Writing of Narrative Texts