Emmanuel Hamza Weinman

NaEmmanuel Hamza Weinmanme: Emmanuel Hamza Weinman
Institution / University: Center for Language & Culture, Morocco
Country of your Institution / Work :   Morocco
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Field / Major / Research Interest: TESOL
Profile  :
I am an American-born English Language teacher language program coordinator. I started teaching in the United States in 1999 and then moved to Morocco in 2001 where I have been ever since. I taught for 8 years at the American Language Center in Marrakesh and then in 2009 co-founded the Center for Language & Culture, Morocco (CLC). In seven short years, the CLC has developed a wonderful reputation around Marrakesh and now has more than 3200 students. We also run international exchange programs mostly with American-based universities and NGOs. I also has three children that my wife and I are proud to be raising in the Kingdom of Morocco.