Dr. Gita Ponnuchamy

Name:  Dr. Gita Ponnuchamy
Institution / University: Tylos Private School
Country of your Institution / Work: Bahrain
Email: Contact us
Field / Major / Research Interest: English Language Teaching
A passionate educator with over 25 years experience as Assistant Professor of English and more than five years experience in school administration. A visionary, transformational leader, with a keen interest in teaching English not as a curricular subject, but as a language for communicative and academic purposes so that it can be used for lifelong learning. Expertise includes English language curriculum design and evaluation, and teacher training.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation:  School English-as-a-Second-Language Experiences of Students at Tertiary Institutions in Tamil Nadu, India: A Phenomenological Study
Name of Adviser: Dr. Kim Lowrey
Titles of Publications:  Robert Frost, Nissim Ezekiel and Their Treatment of Human Relationships