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Fadil Elmenfi

Name: Fadil Elmenfi Institution: Omar Al-Mukhtar University / Faculty of Arts and Sciences / English Department Country: Libya Email: Contact us Specialty: Translation and Linguistics, Ethical issues in Translation, Translation for children, Literary translation,  Orientalism and Translation Profile: Dr. Fadil

FLah Loubna

Name: FLah Loubna Institution: Hassan II University Country: Morocco Email: Contact us Specialty: English Sudies/ DIscourse Analysis/ Isamism/ gender Profile: Doctoral Student ( 2nd Year) : Islamic Feminism at the Ben M’Sik faculty of Letters and Humanities affiiated to Hassan

Fadi Jaber

Name: Fadi Jaber Institution: University of Ottawa Country: Canada Email: Contact us Specialty: Translation theories, news translation, cultural translation, media studies and discourse analysis Profile: I am currently a Doctoral Candidate in Translation Studies (ABD) and a Research Assistant at the

Fatma Al Hajri

Fatma Al Hajri is an assistant professor at the Colleges of Applied Sciences – Sur in Oman. She obtained a PhD degree from the University of Edinburgh in Language Assessment and Programme Evaluation in 2013. She has an MA in

Faiza Benaicha

Name: Faiza Benaicha Institution: Abdelhamid Ibn Badis Country: Algeria Email:Contact us Specialty: Applied Linguistics, TEFL , Educational Technology , Educational Psychology, Psycholinguistics and The Montessori Pedagogy. Profile: A master student of Applied Linguistics ( TEFL and Educational Technology ) .

Fahad A. AlMeliky

Name: Dr.  Fahad A. AlMeliky Institution: Institute of Diplomatic Studies Country: Saudi Arabia Field / Major / Research Interest:International Media and Cultural differences Profile: Doctor of Philosophy, Specializing in: International Communication Theory,Media analysis and Organization and Cross-cultural communication Department of


Name: Fewzia BENYELLES BEDJAOUI Institution: DLU, SBA Country: Algeria Email: Contact us Field / Major / Research Interest:Commonweath civilisation, Interculturality, Education, Woman Literature and transgression Profile: – lectures in Didactics of Literature and civilisation, cultural studies, Woman Literature at master

Fouzia Bahri

Name: Fouzia Bahri Institution: Kasdi Merbah University Ouargla Algeria Country: Algeria Email:Contact us Field / Major / Research Interest: study skills ,ESP, academic writing,literature Profile: Lecturer in English depatment .Phd student

Fatemah Albuloshi

Name: Fatemah Albuloshi Institution: University of Exeter Country: Saudi Arabia Email: Contact us Field / Major / Research Interest: Cross cultural research- Reflexive ethnography – Leadership – Intertextuality – Narrative Studies – Translation studies Profile: Currently PhD researcher in University

Fouzi Bellalem

Name: Fouzi  Bellalem Country: United Kingdom Email:Contact us Field / Major / Research Interest: Applied Linguistics Profile: Dr Fouzi Bellalem is Assistant Professor in ELT & Applied Linguistics. He holds a Doctorate in Education (with specialism in Applied Linguistics) from