Camilia Sadik

NaCamilia Sadikme:  Camilia Sadik
Institution: Cuyamaca College |
Country: United States
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Field / Major / Research Interest:  English Spelling Rules and Phonics
Linguist Camilia Sadik dissected English, discovered 100 Spelling Rules, applied the rules in 600 Phonics Lessons, and prepared breakthrough-learning books for all ages to spell hundreds of words at a time. Dyslexia in spelling and reversing letters ends, after learning to spell and after slowing down to write words slowly. Arabic speakers learn to speak fluently within weeks or months.
Academically, Sadik earned a BA in Philosophy from WSU and a MA in Linguistics from SDSU. Before writing books, Sadik spent over 10 years intensely reading the best of the world’s literature. Free Spelling Rules:
Title of Thesis / Dissertation:  100 Spelling Rules to Learn to Spell Logically
Adviser:  Mary Asher
Title of Publication:  1. 100 Spelling Rules 2. Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day (6 volumes) 3. English for Arabic Speakers