Ahmad Ayyad

NaDr. Ahmad Ayyadme: Dr. Ahmad Ayyad
Institution: Al-Quds University
Country: Palestine
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Field / Major / Research Interest:Translation Studies
Ahmad Ayyad is assistant professor of translation studies at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem-Palestine where he teaches courses in translation and English language. He earned his PhD from Aston University (Birmingham, UK) with a thesis on the roles that translations of politically negotiated texts play in situations of contemporary conflict, particularly, in the Palestinian-Israeli context. Prior to joining Al-Quds University, he was a visiting lecturer in translation studies at City University-London (UK) and a researcher in media at the London School of Economics (UK). His main research interests include sociology of translation, translation and conflict, translation and media and political discourse analysis.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation: Translation and Peace: Arabic, English and Hebrew Versions of Palestinian-Israeli Peace Initiatives.
Adviser: Christina Schäffner
Title of Publication: § Ayyad, A. (2012). Uncovering ideologies: A case study of Arabic and Hebrew translations of the roadmap plan. § Ayyad, A.,& Pym, A. (2012). Translator interventions in Middle-East peace initiatives: Detours in the roadmap. In B. Adab, G. Shreve, and A. Neubert (Eds.). Discourses of translation (Festschrift in Honour of Christina Schäffner) (pp. 83-99). Bern: Peter Lang. In L. P. Gonzalez (Ed.).Translation and the genealogy of conflict. Journal of Language and Politics, 11(2), 252-270. § Ayyad, A. (2010). Moors in Madrid. Journalism, 11(6), 737-741.