Abir Ghenaiet

Name:  Abir Ghenaiet
Institution / University: Independent researcher
Country of your Institution / Work: Independent researcher
Email:  Contact us
Field / Major / Research Interest: Linguistics programming and language policies.
An articulate qualified Secondary school EFL teacher and ESP instructor who is able to effectively communicate with learners from diverse backgrounds or varying degrees of ability. A committed and dedicated professional with a proven ability to impart, motivate and direct learners to maximum performance by encouraging a positive and energetic environment. Fully conversant with the Algerian English framework and the English National Curriculum.
Experienced of exploiting technology in the training setting to provide blended learning and Open education
resources. Creating an atmosphere, both comfortable and stimulating, helping learners to grasp organizational cultures and languages and furthering their knowledge of linguistic management, a published author, reviewer and online blogger /designer interested in NPL research and online educational platforms.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation: Language Rivalry in Algerian Academic Settings between the Researchers’ Needs and the State’s Biased Language Planning Policies The case of Magister and Doctorate Postgraduates
Titles of Publications:     ‘For promoting quality education: Teacher training, orientations and professional skills in teaching English – ( ISBN: 978-3-330-34677-2).